Charles Monet
    - He was a French expatriate who lived on Western Kenya, and in 1980, he essentially melts down with Marburg virus while traveling on an airplane.
    Nancy Jaxx (Lieutenant Colonel)- She was a Veterinary pathologist at USAMRIID, an Institute; Begins working with Ebola virus in 1983, when she suddenly gets a hole in her space-suit glove and was soon infected by the Ebola virus. Becomes chief of pathology at USAMRIID and als becomes a player in the Reston biohazard operation.
    Jerry Jaxx (Colonel Gerald)- Married to Nancy Jaxx and Chief of the Veterinary division at USAMRIID.  Had never worn a biological space suit, but becomes the mission leader of the space-suited SWAT team during the Reston biohazard operation.
    Gene Johnson (Eugene)- A civilian virus hunter working for the Army and also a specialist in Ebola. Chief of logistics and safety for the Reston biohazard operation. Leads and Army expedition to Kitum Cave in Mount Elgon.

    Peter Cardinal-
    A Danish boy visiting his parents in Kenya in the summer, when he dies of the Marburg virus. The Army keeps a strain of Marburg named after him in its freezers.
    Dan Dalgard- A Veterinarian at the Reston Primate Quarantine Unit which is the Reston monkey house.
    Peter Jahrling- A Civilian Army virologist and a codiscoverer of the strain of virus that burns through the Reston monkey house.
    Tom Geisbert- An intern at USAMRIID. He was responsible for the operation of USAMRIID's electron microscope and also a codiscoverer of the virus.
    Clarence James Peters (Colonel C.J.)- Chief of the Special Pathogens Branch of the C.D.C. He treated human Ebola patients in a hut in Sudan, where he stuck himself with a bloody needle.
    Philip K. Russel (Major General) - A general who gave the command to dispatch the military teams to Reston.